> Our Wedding

Tom and I got married on October 10th, 2008. Since we were racing to beat the clock before the election, we did a small wedding ceremony at the Van Nuys Courthouse in Los Angeles. The reception was the following day at our friend's Susan's apartment in our building. I am waiting to get pictures from my friends of the actual ceremony. Enclosed are pictures before the wedding and then at the reception. Enjoy!

Senor Tom
Susan & Ashley
Tom and I Strike A Pose 2
Tom and I Strike A Pose
Susan & Jenie
Ashley & Tom
Tom and I Out Front
The Spread
Dessert Table
Godzilla As Flower Girl
Our Awesome Hostess
Tom And I Celebrating
Early On In The Reception
Aliyah & I
Reception 3
Reception 2
Reception 1
John & Marcella
John Makes A Face
Reception 8
Reception 7
Reception 6
Reception 5
Reception 4