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October 31, 2010


katie d

lol; nice! Brian, while you're at it, you can remove 99% of the 221 people in my friends list, and I'm working on the remaining 1% to open their eyes to the fact that gay people are, as the term implies, people too. If little ol' straight me has 200 friends who are not afraid of gay marriage and insist on treating gay people as human beings deserving of respect and civil rights, and assuming half of the 13 million inhabitants of the Greater Los Angeles area feels as I (and my friends) do, that's at least another 1,300,000,000 you can probably remove from your rolls just from the friends lists of other Angelenos like me.

Gee. It's looking kinda slim for you, Brian. Imagine the money you're going to save on postage!

Kiss kiss,

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