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June 28, 2010



It would be interesting to see how many of those followers are reporters or other punditry-like entities. In twitter circles the amount you are "Listed" is also a sign of influence. Notice she is on (as of the time I write this) 7,358 Twitter lists, while Barack Obama is 82,304 and Al Gore is 22,550. This just shows she has a position and a following to get some good speaking gigs.

Also why cite her # of Twitter followers if, when that # is refuted, that you say that isn't the bulk of her followers?


I think the number of people following her is an indication of her support, especially amongst the younger crowd. Indeed, social networks like Twitter & Facebook are more popular with younger people than older. And if the GOP is going to grow with the times, they will have to try to bridge that gap. Fortunately, for our side of the aisle, we have quite a significant lead... one that I can hope is insurmountable for the Right.


Also, some of us only follow Palin so we can marvel at the bat guano and stupidity. Sort of a "know thy enemy" sort of thing.

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