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May 27, 2009



Right on Brother, I'm 100 percent behind you.


You put this really really well. What I really don't understand is what you talked about in the second paragraph: I simply don't even understand how this is an issue that can be VOTED on by other people. It makes NO sense. There is something so twisted and controlling about that, and so many people don't even seem to see that! Not to mention a totally misplaced sense of authority. I can't even fathom that this is still an issue. We love patting ourselves on the back and thinking that we've left all the prejudice issues behind- "look we even have a black president now"- but it seems that the gay community always gets conveniently forgotten. I am not sure why same-sex relationships are sort of the last frontier of unfairly treated minorities (legally). This is just as insane as not allowing women a vote. A day is going to come, not too long from now, when the general population wakes up and realizes this. Our parents were alive when there were segregated water fountains, for christ sakes. We will see this wrong mended. I believe it.
Love to you and Tom,


So much WORD.

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