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August 12, 2008



Um...WHOA! I didn't know he was so crazy-scary. "My mortal enemy"?!

Brings up a lot of interesting question about separating the artist from the art. I always wonder, for instance, how I would feel if I had read Cerebus before finding out about Dave Sim's gross views on women. Since I found out about the gross views first, I now have no interest in reading Cerebus (even though I might like it).

Totally donate to Out of the Closet. Heh.


For some reason, even in my nerdiest, sci-fi periods, I never purchased Card's books, though I distinctly remember taking a gander at the covers when I was much younger. Colour me happy that I never gave the asshole even a dime.


1. One of those "biological imperatives" includes seeking quality of life. I'd say living with and marrying the person you love falls pretty frigging squarely under the title of seeking quality of life, making *anyone's* choice to marry a biological imperative, so Card can shove that one right up his pasty, intolerant, Mormon ass. Oh, yes, I did.

2. I think you should sell them on eBay. They're autographed, so you'll get more for them, and I think it would just chaff his ass further to know you made extra bucks off of his crappy books (which he will recoup none of) because they were signed. To a gay guy. Who then turned around and sold them on eBay. Shove that up your ass too, *Mister* Card.

But then, that's me. And as you know, zen never was my strong suit.


ps. include me in bstewart's happiness at never giving money to the loser.

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