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June 21, 2008



Thanks for this, Jon. It's a topic that's been weighing on my mind, a lot, lately. On one hand we have douchebags like this rocker, whose casual use of "faggot" as an epithet is clearly homophobic and, in other areas of The Intertubes, it's unwise to refer to The Other F-Word as anything but "the f-word", lest it's casual use, even among homosexuals, be construed as tacit approval of it's widespread use under any circumstance.

And this is troubling. It's all about context (and I'll get to my main point in a sec) and I regret that recent discussions in my city around resurrecting "Rock & Roll Fag Bar" have, apparently, been nipped in the bud due to objections over That Word. (Fortunately, it's not the case in NYC).

In context, a pub night by and for slatternly gay men called "Fagbar" is not homophobic (internally or otherwise), it's ironic. In context, hurling abuse at a rock fan, calling him "faggot", "pussy" and threatening to, um, anally pleasure him in front of his friends -- insert joke here about personal ads requesting exactly such an act -- is very, very clearly homophobic.

My larger point is this: is the oversensitivity to offense preventing us from even stating what "the f-word" is, in a discussion of that word, the reason why the mainstream media has been so utterly failing in their duty to report on McCain calling his wife a... "c-word"?

This is a HUGE story, and one which absolutely must get more and continued traction. And yet, superoversensitivty to even referring to That Word seems to be preventing a reasoned discussion of the facts.


I completely agree. For me, it's like this: if you own it, you can say it. I'm gay, I can say the f-word. That's why I'm comfortable with blacks saying the n-word and no one else, 'cause it's theirs. If we own it, own the word, then we can use it and we can turn it around to our advantage.


The romans had a saying "in vino veritas" meaning in one's cups you find the truth. Drugs expose our inner selves to the world for better or worse. Alcohol doesn't hate, A-holes do.

It is the emotional content behind the words that really matter. Mister Josh could have used politically correct terms but that would not negate his homophobia.

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