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May 21, 2008


Frances Uku

bravo, jon!


Go you. I am with you 100%. If gays can only get civil unions then so should everyone else. Although churches like any privately funded organization (e.g. the Boy Scouts) seem to be be free to discriminate against anyone they want, but the Justice of the Peace (or whoever doesn't civil marriages) can't.


Jon, this post -- and the true story behind it -- is a thing of beauty. You rock, as does your airtight logic.

It's funny how those of us who've been comfortably out for years are once again donning our activist garb. It's kind of fun, too, since we seem to be nailing both our closet doors open AND nailing dumbass arguments -- which have never made sense -- to the ground.

Yay us.


:) get down with your bad self. :)


God yes... it irritates me to no end the arguments like that. You handled it much more eloquently than I would have.

Speaking of marriages, my mother and Wendy are officially tying the knot on Tuesday up in West Hollywood. :)


Good words.

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