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April 22, 2008



The thing I find most annoying about being privy to The Single Sitch is that... well, so much of the bullshit could be solved by, oh, I dunno, communicating? I mean, "gee, I wonder if I should call him, it's been two days?"

Fucking CALL HIM.

The other thing that kills me is how much time and energy is wasted on those who triage their dates. Rule One: If you indicate you're interested in a straightforward manner and they don't respond within 48 hours in the affirmative... THEY'RE NOT FUCKING INTERESTED *ENOUGH*. This is why I *always* used to give out my number. If they didn't call in 48, and if they ever gave me that lame, "I've been MEANING to call you" line, I ask for my card back.

In other words... cripes, I'm glad I'm not single.


Way happy I am not single. I cannot even express the words. I hated the dating scene, and I got irritated over people who made a fuss about how the guy didn't pick up the check. Suck it up, split the check and move on. Deal with it people. Sometimes the guy pays for it, sometimes the girl does, sometimes it's split. *rolls eyes*

I have a ton of single friends who blog about being single/lonely, and while I can sympathize, I have a hard time relating. You are totally right though, it's like speaking Klingon. Yikes.

People make it complicated because it *adds* more drama to their lives, something they can talk to their friends and co-workers about...

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