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February 11, 2008



Well, I haven't been watching "Sarah Connor," but I remember when "Smallville" came out hearing an interview with the creators where they talked about the rules of writing a television show. Rule #1, the average viewer won't understand your show until they've seen at least two episodes of it. Rule #2, the average viewer only sees one out of every four episodes. Therefore, the first 8 episodes of any series have to be repetitive and boring because they have to restate the premise of the show every time until they can be sure that all the average viewers have seen two episodes. So, my advice would be to maybe take a break from it for awhile and come back after eight episodes. The problem for "T:TSCC" is that they only have nine episodes shot because of the strike, and likely won't get to air any more until next season. So, now I don't know what to tell you!



what, you need more out of a tv show than constant violence? what is *wrong* with you? ;)


also, @ shane - god, i hope that's not true...


Oh, no! I've only watched 4 episodes so far and find it still engaging. Don't tell me I need to get sick again so I can motor through the remaining episodes!


Don't worry, B, the show has turned itself around. It's actually quite good. The finale is next week. I'm actually rather excited about it.

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