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February 06, 2008




"Mr. Smith then went on to differentiate Obama from Hillary on both "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and on the execrable Defense of Marriage Act."

What are those differences, I wonder?


Here's what he said:

"Let me add a word about key issue differences between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton. I'll focus on two well known issues. The first is DON'T ASK DON'T TELL (DOMA). Obama always opposed this policy. Clinton supported it until she ran for office in NY. Clinton said that she now opposes it because it was a necessary policy that was badly implemented. Obama's position is that you cann't "properly" implement discrimination.

The second policy difference that I'll focus on here is the DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT. Another law signed by a Clinton White House. Clinton supported all of it for years. Now she says she would repeal only half of it. Obama favors repealing all of this anti-gay law. Clinton would keep the half (section 2) that empowers states to deny benefits to same sex couples legally married in other states.

Clinton trianglulate on our backs with DON'T ASK DON'T TELL. She triangulates on DOMA to this day. She triagulated us into a war in Iraq.

Obama says this politics as usual is not good enough and has to end."

As you can imagine, that really helped.


Very interesting. Glad I voted for Obama.


This is good to know. Happy I voted for Obama.

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