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September 25, 2007


katie d

Agree with you on Chuck. :( I have to say, though, Adam Baldwin (and his alterego Jayne) in a "best buy" uniform? Hilarious.

I didn't finish Bionic Woman, I hated it so much. I think I toughed it out for 45 minutes.

Heroes I also felt sort of meh about. Parts were good, others less so. Now that I've seen Part the Second, I'm really not thrilled with where the season might be going? A certain person alive and well and living in Rio? I'm not digging that point. I do wish to point out, however, to all the naysayers who told me I was an idiot for what I felt the season finale meant last year, that I was more or less accurate in my predictions.

I think way more was made out of the Ahmadinejad thing than it warranted. Sure, he's an asshole and a tool on a global level. But if you never bother to get to know and understand your enemy, how can you ever hope to combat his bullshit? I'd like to think we've learned something in the last 100 years in this country, but clearly, we have not. I'm watching The War on PBS, and it makes me weep for the stupidity of the people in charge. :(


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