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March 20, 2007



I have emerged from a gigantic pile of boxes to say thank you, and what a wonderful thing this was to read this morning. Funnily, Evan told me about this post, so here I am.

You are a great friend, Jon. Your support has meant a lot over the years. Man, I feel so fortunate to know so many creative people - I think knowing you so long has truly influenced how I approach art, and see myself as an artist.

*huge hugs*

You're the best.

Now I gotta get back to packing. I just packed up all of the holiday mixes from you and Tom, and they made me smile.


Hi, I read your wisdome teeth entry from 2005 and found it helpful. I got removed two of those molars two days ago, and im following the treatment just like the Dr. said.

I as particularly interested and thankful that you wrote about your complications in dec 28. Did you eat a lot or how come those food pieces were deposited into your healing whom? I'm taking forever to eat, I chop it small and then smash it with the fork until is almost gerber, food even gets cold :p

well thanks for posting that.


Congratulations, Krystyn. You're very brave. :)

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