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November 05, 2006


katie d

my heart doesn't budge one whit. he's just going for sympathy. these assholes are all the same. they condemn the crap out of other people, and then when they get caught doing the kinds of things they comdemn themselves plus amping that up with something illegal like drugs or pedophilia, they deny their guilt until it just isn't plausible and then throw themselves on the mercy of the people by crying about how they've been fighting this horrible battle all their lives because their parents/priests/teachers abused them or their doctor got them hooked on pain killers after an accident (rush limbaugh, i'm lookin' at you), so it's really not their fault. i notice they themselves are not into granting any fucking mercy whatsoever, but they sure don't mind expecting and demanding it from others. so no, i don't have any pity for this asshole. my heart sings, frankly. he got caught, and he can damn well suffer the same consequences he would have heaped on someone else for doing a lot less. and that, my friend, is my view on it.

katie d

ps. ain't karma a bitch?


Bravo, my dear! My sympathies went out the door once I had heard that he was pushing a Colorado constitutional amendment re: same-sex marriage. He got all that was coming to him.

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