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October 07, 2006


katie d

you know, if pete gets to do a second book, i think he should go to firenze. :)

there are gypsies in paris, too. they even *look* like gypsies, in that most of them look like esmarelda. they carry post cards and walk up to you and ask if you speak english (in flawless english that sounds midwestern). when you say yes, they hand you the post card, which has some sob story handwritten in english, in block letters. when you say no, they snatch the card away in disgust. the same one will ask you for money several times, if you stay in an area long enough, and if you try to say they already asked or that you already gave, they turn their back on you with a flip of hair and an eyeroll. makes me very happy i haven't given them anything. matt rocks. :)

katie d

and also, i look forward to more of the trip and pictures. :)

katie d

donde esta giorno deue? (sp?)

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