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September 08, 2006


jbcollins - mom

Jon---You need a vacation!
Hang in there. You have a lot of talent and what you do have is perserverance... that counts for a lot. You can do both - be a producer and an actor. Why stick to comedy... I think you would do well in drama.

In any case....chill out. love you


katie d

I agree with your mom, as I think you probably know. You need some time off, for sure. I've told you what else I think. Acting is a tough profession, and you seem to have perceived some stagnation in your life lately, so it's not surprising you're feeling kinda "meh" about it. It'll happen, though. You just gotta wait for it. I believe in you. xo

katie d

and also, i'm sorry the showrunners are dopes.

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