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August 11, 2006



I just put in that video of Firefly that you sent me. What the hell kind of program is it? Walker, Texas ranger meets battlestar galatica?

Jeez Jon

LOL! Uh, it's a space western. It gets better as it goes along. The movie "Serenity", which is a continuation of the show, is a lot better.

katie d

i will vouch for jon's statements, although i have to say that's the best description of firefly i've heard. i did, in fact, lol. i love serentity, btw. great movie, even not watching the series. i like the series better now, having seen serenity. kd


Wait a minute, They made a movie after this tv show?? And I totally sympathize with Katie D having to put up with the french. Florence is filled with them now. I basically mean that if you're french and not gay, you're probably a jackass. and probably not that goodlooking. What happened to the gene pool there?

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