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August 25, 2006


katie d

You should hotlink Ann's name to that clip. If enough people do that, that will be the thing that pops up at the top of the google list when people google her name. Hee. :) That's a beautiful clip, btw. It completely illustrates what a whiny freaking baby Ann Coulter is and how pathetically inept she is at thinking on her feet. All she ever does is spout out the same, pre-packaged pablum: Democrats bad, everything going great under the Pubs. The thing that pisses me off most about it is the glib way she dismisses OBL as "irrelevant." And she deserved to be jumped on for that, so I don't know who that blonde chick is, but she rawks. Thanks for posting about it, Jon. I was unaware of it. Merci! kd

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