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July 21, 2006



Hey, dont sweat it. The artistic road is a long one and it is quite rough. You are a great actor in an industry that doesn't always appreciate great acting. Quality, which is essential for great art, is not necessary in today's world. Hang in there.

katie d

Jon, you are doing everything right. You will get this. It's only been 7 years, and I KNOW it's hard when some of the idiots who get jobs in this town get the work and you don't. Believe me, I understand it. But you have talent and drive to match your ambition, and you will totally make it if you just keep putting in the work. In the grand scheme of things here, 7 years is nothing, and you know it. I know you get impatient, and I know you want it to happen and it feels like it never will, but it totally will, Jon. Because you're out there. And you make the effort to stay out there and get noticed. And even though most of the time talent doesn't mean half so much as what you look like or being in the right place at the right time, most of being in the right place at the right time is putting yourself out there. So it *will* happen. And when it does, you have the actual talent that will keep you in the room for as long as you want to stay there. So keep at it and try not to take it personally or feel down. You've got the stuff, and it's going to happen. I promise.


katie d

I was wondering how I missed this the first time, but then I see it was while I was in Paris. :( I'm sorry I didn't give virtual hugs then, but I'm glad you found your way. xo

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