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January 01, 2006



Alright my dear brother, I can help you with some of these...

15 & 16 you can just pass on. I give you permission. Ayn Rand is evil.

21. I sincerely that you will be coming in italy in september. After family time you two can go to florence and crash during the honeymoom at my place which would take care of 23.

33. we can practice together; what light thru yonder window breaks, it is the east and juliet is the sun,...

51... you should both be ashamed of yourselves! let's do it this way. email me the dimensions of the painting in cm and I will have the frame made here.

65. I know a good one for you. Trelawny!

75 and 86. sound pretty dodgy. Try the getty.

Why did it take you until 92 to remember that your poor brother is a buffy fan! Eventhough after she graduated, she just lost it. I cant even think about it or I'll get emotional.

102. send matt a Pussycat dolls dvd

katie d

give up potatoes AND tortilla chips?!? well, that's just crazy talk! hee. kd

ps. matt is funny :)

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