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February 18, 2010



hey! i LOVE this episode!!!... soo like when is mtv gonna make it a full espisode on mtv.com!


Does Sincere have a myspace or another name she goes by? Or is this the only show she's done?


She does have a MySpace page, I believe. This is the only show I know she's done.


I'm sorry but I LOVE Sin she is so incredibly sexy.
Call me<3

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how do you get a black/grey value scale in tattoos?
is it mixing black and white or wut?


I wanna thank everybody for all the lOve and support i have been getting SINce the show.. It is incredible the response that i have got,and continue to keep getting.. I wanna give all the thanks in the world to everybody that made it possible and put it all together.. Lets just hope this is only the beginning for SINcere !!!

Karamel Barbie

U're so sexy! Wish I had T-vo so I kan watch u fa hours... I'm not a lesbian, but luk'n et u mk me wanna try...
~Karamel Barbie


Sin are you and ana still together? if not have her call me lol

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